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It always surprises people to discover that a computer can have hundreds of Registry issues and Invalid Files lurking behind the scenes on their PC. These registry issues often go unnoticed because they do not appear on the screen. Over time, registry issues can build up and destabilize your system, causing programs to freeze and crash. With our simple PC Performance Scan you can find out how many registry issues and invalid files it found that may be corrupting your PC.

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Download and install our software by clicking the “Free Instant Scan” or the “Start Download” button. We provide you with a series of easy screens that have simple prompts to install our software.

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After you have installed our software your free scan will automatically begin. The software will do a deep scan of your computer’s registry to identify problems and issues that can cause your PC to slow down.

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Once the free scan is complete click on the “Review issues” button. To activate the software click on the “Fix Now” button. This will automatically take you to our order process where you can quickly and securely activate Finally Fast.

Our Software is Compatible with
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