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Are you suspicious of your loved ones' Internet behavior or are you concerned about your children's online usage? Now you can monitor all online activity with this easy to use program.
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View emails sent and received.
View screenshots taken from your monitor.
See saved chats with the ChatWatch feature.
See a time-stamped list of all web site addresses.
See all of this from any computer in the world.
Simple to install and easy to use.
Sends an email alert about any suspicious activity.
Runs in total STEALTH!
Keeping your children safe online isn't “spying.”,
It's responsible parenting.

Many parents tell their youngsters that BeAware is installed on their computer. Other parents decide to run BeAware in stealth mode, without their children's knowledge. Either way, these parents are doing their children an enormous favor. Protecting kids from predators, pornography, violence, and other serious dangers is a parent's key responsibility and BeAware can help.
When your children are on the Internet, they're at serious risk. Predators are prowling chat rooms posing as kids. Vile pornography is just mouse-clicks away. Which is why you should buy BeAware right now, risk free!
Monitor computer activity from anywhere.
BeAware software has gone one step further to provide you with a unique feature that stands out from all other monitoring programs. With web service, included with your order, you can login at anytime from anywhere in the world to see everything your spouse or significant other is doing! View their chats, emails, and more right over the web, even if they're in a different place!
Ascentive Software, the company behind, has been featured in:
We get Raves, everday...
See who your child has been talking to in chat rooms and what they're saying
Find out exactly which Web sites your child has been visiting
View what they're emailing and to whom
Set an email alert and find out right away if they're discussing sex, drugs, violence, suicide
Review screenshots taken from your child's monitor
You can tell your child that BeAware is on the job, or run it in invisible stealth mode

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We get Raves, everday...
Your software is on the right track. It's easy to navigate and easy to use with the alerts and activity notices.

BeAware enabled me to confirm my concerns and to resolve the issues promptly as a result.

The system is straightforward to use... it was well presented and so were the screen shots. All together a very well thought out system.

Your program fits the bill as far as I am concerned... It does as you said that it does...

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