What is PC Scan & Sweep?
PC Scan & Sweep is an easy-to-use program that can find thousands of junk files on your PC and eliminates them in just one click.
What would happen if you never cleaned your desk? Trying to find an important document would become more difficult as useless documents piled up. The same applies to your computer. Since the very first time you started your computer it has been creating junk and clutter files. These unwanted files can slow down your computer’s performance.
It doesn't matter if your PC is two months old, a year or even five years old. The longer you've tolerated this mess, the worse it's grown.
Your Solution
There is a solution to all of this though...
PC Scan & Sweep performs a comprehensive search of your PC to locate and remove junk files and registry entries. PC Scan & Sweep not only reclaims hard drive space by getting rid of unwanted files but it can also improve your computer's overall performance It's about as simple a process as you'll ever come across.
PC Scan & Sweep benefits include:
Cleaning your registry.
Removing harmful junk files.
Removing invalid links.
Faster hard drive.
Emptying all temporary folders.
Find out how many files could be slowing down your computer –
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We get Raves, everday...
Keep your computer running fast.
Save valuable space on your hard drive.
Fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2008.
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We get Raves, everday...
It has made my PC much faster... I am very pleased with the programs I have purchased.

-- N. Amper

My computer was getting slower and slower...when I used your product my computer now works better than ever.

-- Amy Kinneberg

It's amazing what 'Scan & Sweep' finds lurking on the hard drive!.

-- R. Paschak

Your programs help keep the clutter down on my PC. I do not have to manually delete cookies, temp files and history anymore. Also, it helps with the “little errors” that arise from other people jumping around from site to site without closing out the sites that they are not using anymore. I do not find the need to go in and clean my computer or compress files as much as I did before. Thank you for such wonderful products.

-- R.S. Ptak

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